A First Class Royal Club

About Us

The Nizam Club a first class royal club was set up in the month of Aban 1293 Fasli, under the patronage of H.E.H. the Nizams Government is managed on grounds of western lines by opening club vistas to folks of myriad cultures with no discrimination.

The club spans around 4 acres & is located in the heart of the twin cities opposite to Telangana State Assembly Hall. The club is registered under the A.P. Societies Act of 1951 in A.P. The elected body consisting of President, Vice-President, Hon. Secretary, Joint Secretary, and 6 members of the Managing Committee over-seeing the club activities.

First Society Registered in A.P.

The club registered under the A.P. Societies Act of 1951 and the club is the first society registered in A.P.

The Membership of the club is open to all without any distinction subject to the provision of the club rules. The club runs its all activities with not for profit, no loss motto. The club is maintained with discipline and decorum for the members to avail the facilities. The club is a central place for the members to meet, explore indoor and outdoor games and promote an element of unity, cordial spirit amongst all stake holders.



Nawab Mir Laiq Ali Khan Bahadur Salar Jung II 1884-1887
Sir Asman Jah Bahadur 1887-1894
Sir Vicarul Umra Bahadur 1895-1900
Maharaja Sir Kishan Pershad Bahadur 1901-1912
Salar Jung III 1912-1914
Sir Ali Imam 1914-1919
Nawab Sir Faridoon Ul Mulk Bahadur 1919-1923
Nawab Valiuddowla Bahadur 1923-1925
Maharaja Sir Kishan Pershad Bahadur 1925-1938
Nawab Hyder Nawaz Jung Bahadur 1938-1943
Sir Mirza Ismail 1943-1945
Nawab Saheb of Chattari 1945-1947
Nawab Samad Yad Jung 1947-1949
Nawab Mahmood Yar Jung 1949-1951
Mr. Shivkumar Lal 1951-1955
Mr. P. Sudershan Reddy 1955-1957
Raja Triambak Lal 1957-1963
Justice Mohammed Mirza 1963-1972
Mr. G.D. Qureshi 1972-1974
Mr. Syed Amjad Ali Khan 1974-1992
Mr. B. Srikanth Reddy 1992-1996
Mr. E. Arvind Rao 1996-2000
Mr. M.A. Samad 2000-2004
Mr.S.A.Niamathullah 2004-2008
Mr.V.Ravinder Rao 2008-2012
Mr.E.Rajender Kumar 2012-2016
Mr.M.Amarender Reddy 2016-2020
Mr. P.Manohar Reddy 2020-2022
Mr. Zafar Javeed 2022-Till Date


Nawab Mahdi Hasan Fateh Nawaz Jung Bahadur 1884-1892
Nawab Rafat Jung Bahadur Awwal 1892-1893
Nawab Imadul Mulk Bahadur 1893-1894
Justice Nizamuddin Hassan 1894-1895
Mr. Mohammed Amjad Ali Khan 1895-1896
Nawab Imadul Mulk Bahadur 1896-1903
Nawab Hakimuddowla Bahadur 1903-1914
Nawab Sir Nizamath Jung Bahadur 1914-1915
Nawab Saad Jung Bahadur 1915-1917
Nawab Fakhr Yar Jung Bahadur 1917-1931
Mr. Syed Khurshid Ali 1931-1936
Nawab Rahmat Yar Jung Bahadur 1936-1941
Mr. Syed Khurshid Ali 1941-1947
Mr. M. Hashmat Raza 1947-1948
Nawab Ali Hussain Khan 1948-1959
Mr. Syed Mohammed Ahsan 1959-1975
Mr. B. Madan Mohan Reddy 1975-1994
Mr. M.A. Samad 1994-1998
Mr. V. Ravinder Rao 1998-2003
Mr. T. Mohan Reddy 2003-2007
Mr.E.Rajender Kumar 2007-2011
Mr.M.Amarender Reddy 2011-2015
Mr.Naresh Solanki 2015-2019
Mr.E.Rajender Kumar 2019-2023
Mr. M.Amarender Reddy 2023-Till Date